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Vehicle Information Platform

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Competitive market forces, rising costs for fuel, insurance and maintenance, coupled with heightened safety and environmental concerns, compel any organization to ensure mobile assets deliver the greatest possible return on investment.

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Monitor, measure + manage key business drivers

Applus leverages decades of technology integration experience in applying the sharper perspective necessary to deliver richer solutions with faster results and lower risks.

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Increase functionality + reduce costs

The Applus engineered DrivewAtch® solution reduces State DMV costs while automating the driver license testing process.

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ISOApplus has engineered technology solutions for customers across such industry sectors as transportation, environment, energy, critical infrastructure, retail, entertainment and insurance. Applus solutions effectively strengthen business strategies for local government, state government, federal government and international governments, as well as private sector organizations, to achieve cost reductions, revenue growth, improved risk management and security, and improve business process restructuring to drive greater efficiencies across the organization. Applus solutions include fully integrated physical security programs with video surveillance, biometrics, access control, real-time communications and data analysis, emissions inspections, mobile and remote data collection, vehicle information and management platforms with telematics, and systems integration and IT solutions.